MONTEREY PARK REWARDS PROGRAM LAUNCH SPEECH held at 4pm on Monday, 11/15 in City of Monterey Park.

Yvonne Yiu, Mayor of Monterey Park was host and organized this conference.

Yvonne said, “It is our pleasure to welcome everyone to our beautiful Jardin El Encanto, the site of the new City of Monterey Park Business Assistance Center.”

She said It gives her great pleasure to announce that today the City of Monterey Park is launching a new and innovative mobile app called Monterey Park Rewards.

Yvonne said, all Small businesses are the backbone of local economy, and they need help from the City to recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Created to address the struggles many of our local businesses face during the pandemic, Monterey Park Rewards hopes to safely connect local businesses to local consumers once again and turn spending into a source of pride for our residents and visitors.

Yvonne said, the locally owned small businesses are facing enormous challenges. We need creative out-of-the-box ideas that enable the City to reward customers for shopping local, improving revenues for all small businesses while helping residents stretch their dollars. This dynamic program is a proven and powerful economic tool. With the Monterey Park Rewards program, the City of Monterey Park can support local business owners, reward local shoppers, and drive a more vigorous recovery by creatively leveraging our community.

She said, with Monterey Park Rewards, users download the app on their smartphones and use it at participating shopping and dining business establishments to earn “MPK Points.” Each MPK Point is worth $1 that users can use at redeeming businesses on purchases. In addition, users can track the number of MPK Points they’ve accumulated and redeemed at local businesses through the convenience of their smartphones. Monterey Park Rewards is free for local business owners and users alike, and the City pays that $1 earned to keep the participating merchants whole.

Monterey Park has a long history of innovation within our economy. For example, Laura Scudder made and sold potato chips and pioneered the packaging of potato chips in sealed bags to extend freshness right here in Monterey Park. With the new Monterey Park Rewards program, Monterey Park is the first city in the San Gabriel Valley region to introduce an innovative shop local incentive program using an advanced smartphone technology platform.

She announced, beginning 15th of this month, they encourage every local business owner with a storefront within the City to submit their application form and participate in Monterey Park Rewards. In addition, she urge fellow Monterey Park residents to download the Monterey Park Rewards app on their smartphones and exercise their city pride through our collective purchasing power to support local businesses as they recover from the pandemic.

She reminds the program is free for businesses and users alike. By supporting all Monterey Park City favorite local businesses and exploring new establishments across our City, this plan can make a real difference.

Here to provide more detailed information about the new and innovative Monterey Park Rewards program is the City of Monterey Park Economic Development Manager, Joseph Torres.

Yvonne Yiu is currently serving Coty of Monterey Park as City Mayor, she also is candidate to run California State Controller for 2022.

The photo by Mayor Yvonne Yiu took on 11-15-2021, the original copyright belongs to Yvonne.